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On June 8th, 2020, the owner of Hounds of Vintage (a shop you can support through our website!) shared to his Instagram that Premier Blaine Higgs had cut eight Diversity and Respect coaches who run programs such as Gay Straight Alliances (or GSA's) in high schools in New Brunswick. This adds yet another hurdle for LGBTQIA+ youth to have to jump over in order to access community support, education and resources. This website was created on the same day, June 8th, 2020, with three goals in mind.

1) To create a space with education and resources specifically for LGBTQIA+ youth living in the Maritime provinces.

2) To share and promote LGBTQIA+ artists and business owners living in the Maritimes.

3) To establish an online community for LGBTQIA+ youth/young adults living in Atlantic Canada

Currently the website and affiliate programs are run and operated solely by Christina Acton but volunteers are more than welcome to join the fun and contribute in any way that they can!

Fun Fact! The name of this website, Gay Times in the Maritimes, comes from when Christina and their friend (a fellow bisexual) took a trip out to the Maritimes one summer and repeated this phrase a lot in regards to their vacation.

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